Jody Ziggy Sigmund

Jody Ziggy Sigmund | LNF | Neurofeedback Clinician | Mind Mastery

Jody “Ziggy” Sigmund, neurofeedback clinician, and Life Navigation Facilitator (LNF), has dedicated years to enhancing cognitive performance. Ziggy’s transformative journey began in Bali, where he immersed himself in the practices of yoga, meditation, and breathwork.

Today, under the auspice of Bowie Hahn, LMFT, collaborating with various therapeutic professionals, Ziggy has crafted a distinctive approach to life skills training known as Life Navigation Facilitation and Mind Mastery.

This modality tailors each experience to meet the unique needs of each client, guiding them towards realizing their full potential. holganic experiential services offered by Ziggy encompass one-on-one & group training sessions, offering a range of techniques such as fundamental breathing, yoga exercises, meditation, neurofeedback, and other life hacks like his proven 30-Day Warrior Challenge!