Based on your needs we will create simple daily techniques designed to be comfortable and easy to incorporate into your routine. We focus on the entire bio – psycho – social model which includes mind, body, and social interaction.

Wellness Services and PackagesFEE
Life Navigation Session (1 hour)$125/hr
Group Sessions (experiential)$50/wk
Mind Mastery: Learning Life Through Pickleball$100/hr
Life Mastery Training Package$250/wk. (8 weeks minimum)

Life Mastery Training Package Includes:

  • Neurofeedback (unlimited monthly)
  • Neurofeedback headset w/electrode and paste
  • Brain Mapping
  • Neurofeedback training assessment
  • Meditation and Myndlift app included
  • 1 Life Navigation Session/wk. (Pickleball can be substituted)
  • Motivational message and links to positive social media posts
  • Creating healthy daily habits
  • Guided meditation, breathwork, and yoga can be built in
  • Other personalized services like budgeting, career help, social anxiety are available

*neurofeedback headset paid separately